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Louise & Pete - Marwell Hotel Wedding


From a Hospital of St Cross Wedding, to a Marwell Hotel Wedding, this was just an amazing day. There were so many different locations which made the editing of the main wedding film really easy; Wedding Prep in two locations, the church, the church grounds for drinks receptions and then onto Marwell Hotel.

I must say, you just can't beat a church wedding ceremony and this church was massive and also meant a lot to the couple with older relatives having strong ties to the place.

Everyone was in a great mood, the sun was out, the best man delivered part in his speech in the form of a poem (which was hilarious), the cake had a hidden quarter that was Marvel decorated, and the first dance was like a breath of fresh air whilst breaking all the traditional rule with a dance tune. Shout out to Adam Prioletti of Bam Media as second shooter.


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