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Incredible Fusion Wedding: Namita & Rob at Brympton House

6 months on, this wedding still makes the hairs on my arms stand up!

wedding couple shoot outside Brympton House

This Brympton House Wedding in Yeovil, was most certainly a major highlight of my 2023.

From the moment I arrived at the venue, the buildings grandness hit me instantly. It oozed class and style. The bridal suite was huge with high ceilings, wood floors and big windows. Namita and the girls got ready in style.

Rob and his groomsman played snooker and drank whiskey in Morning Room, next to the Library Bar. It looked cinematic in real life let-alone through a camera lens in slow motion.

The long indoor Castle House with cobble-like stone floors, gave a medieval vibe...but then mix that with the vibrant floristry and decorations of this fusion wedding and you end up with something beyond special...this is where the goosebumps started.

The ceremony was beautiful. There was a perfect balance of love and laughter,

As the guests were invited into Great Hall for the drinks reception, Ian Clarke (Sidey Clarke) worked his magic through the group shots before we took Namita and Rob out the front for the couple shoot (see above picture to get an idea on how that went! - EPIC). We also managed to get the whole wedding party out for some smokey colourful cannon fun. As we returned back to the House, we were treated to Something Different - A brass band like I'd never seen before! They were incredible and created an amazing atmosphere that got people on their feet dancing and laughing - bearing in mind that this was around 3pm and we still had plenty of the day to go!

A little bit later, after Namita, Rob and their guest had finished their desserts, came the speeches; Namita's Mum, Rob, and his two best men. All incredible speeches with lots of tears of emotion and tears of laughter.

As everybody returned downstairs for the evening reception, the next phase of Operation: Let's give our guests the best day ever was initiated...The Dhol Collective. This was when my goosebumps went up a level...or 10! They played for a solid hour, at least, and the beat of those drums, I can still feel resinating through my chest! It's one of those rare times were you will never forget exactly how you felt at that very moment. Anyone looking at me, during that night must have thought I was like a Cheshire Cat. I could not stop smiling. They lead us from the House to the Party Barn after a smoke cannon dance outside the front of the Great Hall.

There were no signs of this amazing night coming to an end and I really struggled to put the camera down. I looked at my watch and realised that I was still there jumping around, capturing everyone having the best time, an hour after I was due to leave - I didn't even realise. I did even want to leave. I didnt....Another hour later, I finally packed up my gear and walked back to the carpark.

Despite the 2 hour drive home, I still laid awake in bed for a long time cursed by the adrenaline that refused to stop running through my veins.

I'd shooting that wedding a million times over if I could.

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