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Tiana & Dalian - Wickham Estate

And the winner for best golden hour 2023 goes to....

Wedding couple at golden hour

This Wickham Estate Vineyard Wedding had such a great vibe. With such a good looking, photogentic couple, it made the day so much easier.

We started with bridal prep at Forest Farm Barn, a really nice, spacious accomodation not too far from Wickham Estate. All the girls were on great form and they were having fun from the get go.

We all then ventured to Wickham Estate to continue the final part of prep at their bridal suite onsite. Tiana looked stunning in her dress.

Dalian arrived with some of the lads and straight away I knew they were there to enjoy themselves. It was non-stop jokes and laughing from then on.

It was a really nice, sunny day so of course they were going to take fully advantage of the beautiful outdoor ceremony setup with the vineyard in the background.

As the day went on, there were plenty more laughs and plenty more jokes, and the speaches followed that same formula.

After the cake cut and the dance, we looked outside to find the colour of the sky looking like 24 karat gold! Of course, Melissa Megan Photography and I got really excited and ran to find the Tiana & Dalian...

Result below!


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